Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ways To Wear It

Delirious. That's the only word we can use to describe our pure joy over this dress. 
Our savior- this black and white striped perfection- is what every woman needs in her closet. Since we all at picky girl have our own distinct style, we had a hay day styling the dress in numerous ways. 
     So we ask would you wear it? 

Feminine and Sophisticated.

Modern School Girl.

Rockstar Chic. 

Girly Layers.

Oh, by the way, did we mention this dress is only $69? We can feel your delighted grin from here. 

xoxox picky girl 


  1. You are so knocking it out of the park this fall. I want that dress, too!!!

  2. whoa Emily! I know I've said this before... you're such a great writer! Plus I love the dress and all the different ways to accessorize it - especially the feminine sophisticated one. amazing.

  3. First one is my favorite. Love the dress!