Friday, August 19, 2011

Nail Files

As much as I love painted nails...I hate that after only a few days the chipping begins, and the fading follows...only to have to start the entire process over again! Who has this kind of time? Not me!
 So, when Details Style Lab introduced the amazing OPI Axxium manicure I headed straight over...and yes the love affair has begun! Anything that can save me time is a good thing...and this is a VERY good thing ; )
I justed received an Axxium manicure from Crystal at  Details Style Lab  it  always lasts me at least 14 days, but it depends on your body chemistry... I tend to have drier nails so maybe that helps...They say it typically last 10-14 days.

Check out these nails!

I'm headed out for a buying trip and this is such a great option to save time and keep my nails looking great while I'm out there; it stays so shiny and perfect and is very light weight! Details has a variety of colors to choose from but I'm in love with "Strawberry Margarita" right now, plus it will go perfectly with all my outfit choices for the week ; ) I like to think of painted nails as another accessory that can help pull a look together, just like jewelry!

Mention this blog post while making your appointment at Details to receive your first Axxium service with Crystal for only $38 (normally $50)!
valid August 19th- September 16th

P.S. Crystal is now part of the picky girl team! Stop in Tuesday evenings and have her help you pick out the perfect outfit or chat about the nail and hair services she offers!

XO, picky girl 


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