Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Foxie Roxie Designs

A short time ago, the nicest woman came into picky girl, donned in bright colors and one amazing headband. A couple weeks later...
We're selling her goodies!

Possibly the sweetest designer to exist, Raquel Redmond, owner and designer of Foxie Roxie Designs, grew up in a small town in north-eastern Iowa. At age 8 her mother, Roxanne, began teaching her stitching skills and all the details in making art through fashion. Those skills were mostly used for making Barbie and Ken doll clothes at that time, but from there her love for creating and designing quickly progressed. Her father was always very artistic and creative as well. He can construct, build, draw, or master any project you throw at him. Raquel, being very observant of him as a child, learned a lot through his eyes. Foxie Roxie Designs originated in February of 09' in Hollywood, California. At that time it was only the one-of-a-kind head pieces. From there, the line expanded into clothing and accessories (including the most incredible earrings.) picky girl carries some of everything! For more photos of Foxie Roxie items at the store head over to Facebook.
If you are a vibrant woman with a bold, daring style who LOVES having fun with clothing, you HAVE to see Foxie Roxie Designs in person, they are extraordinary!

See you soon,
picky girl

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