Friday, January 14, 2011

Anne Cramer- The Twin Cities IT Girl.

Local designer Anne Cramer has us head-over-heels in love with her line. Somewhere between Pride and Prejudice and Marie Antoinette, Cramer has captured the sophistication and playfulness that every woman longs to wear. 

Anne Cramer's website whispers adorable tidings of creativity and inspires one at first glance. The lovely Anne also gives sewing lessons to all ages and etiquette lessons for the little ones at her studio! 
The Flynn Skirt

Cramer's line can be purchased through her website or now, at picky girl. We currently offer The Flynn Skirt! Come in and special order your Flynn Skirt for this spring today. Our sample is available to try on with swatches of all the beautiful colors to order it in.  This skirt is truly the staple your closet has been waiting for. 



  1. Those are skirts are beyond adorable- I want one in "Moss" of course!

  2. Would you mail to the UK?
    I have to have one!